Kate Welty invites you to read her first published works, Eartholder,  released in 2013 in the first Science Fiction anthology by SGA Publishing, Tales from the Perseus Arm Volume 1... and her second story Travelers just released July 11, 2014 in Tales from the Perseus Arm Volume 2!
See below for a little about Eartholder andvisit the Books page to learn more about Travelers.
Tales From the Perseus Arm Vol. 1


ISBN 13-978-0987320278

2013 SGA Publications

Cover Art by Patricia Burn 


Read Kate Welty's Eartholder in the new science fiction anthology, Tales from the Perseus Arm.  The first in a series within the same imagined future, Eartholder is a story of schemes as the character Tate plots to deceive the most powerful and influencial member of the HighHundred: Seth Stephen Sanger.  At stake is the worlds food supply and the diversity of life on Earth.  And if it happens to buy Tate a little revenge in the process, at least it's all for the greater good... right? 


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